Tonight, The Candidate. Tomorrow, The World!

I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE'S FINALLY GOING TO BE A NEW Lost ON TONIGHT! After 14 long days of waiting, we shall spend this evening watching the 5th-to-last hour of LOST. And as I have tried to do in the past, I'm going to take a few guesses about what the episode will be like based on the title alone.

The Candidate...makes me think of presidential candidates...or "Mrs. Robinson"...or all the candidate talk on LOST so far. Jacob's dead, right? And these people, according to Smokey, are potential candidates to replace him, right? Then why do half of all recappers/theorists keep suggesting that those little boys/that little boy are/is Jacob, quickly growing back up into Jacob? Wouldn't that make them/him the candidate? I think the boy (and I do think that it's just one kid, with a few years in between appearances) isn't going to end up being Jacob or Smokey. I think he's something else, something that does have to do with J & S, but something that's maybe even more supernatural than they are. Because he reminds Smokey of the RULES, and these rules certainly don't seem to be the kind that come out of a governed body; instead, they seem like ancient rules that were made up a long time ago by someone that maybe wasn't just some guy. All I'm saying is, if the kid is the referee, he's got power over Smokey (or at least his precious rules do).

Then what's the Candidate? Is it the one 815 survivor who's going to turn out to be the one to replace Jacob? How will this one person be chosen? Was Jacob once someone else's candidate? These are some huge questions. I wonder if they'll go into all of this, or if it'll turn out that "candidate" really just meant like, a candidate for city council in the diagonal reality. Nah, they'll go into it. But how far? Will they tell us who should replace Jacob? Will they tell us that they're also going to replace Smokey, since this whole cycle thing seems to be ending? I don't think it's a coincidence that there are TWO name-planning areas. One (the cave) is Smokey's, and the other (the lighthouse) is Jacob's. That's what I think, anyway. And that means either Smokey was desperately trying to keep up with Jacob's plans, or Smokey was also planning on finding his own replacement.


PS I forgot to mention Ji Yeon. She's a candidate, I think. LOOKS LIKE THE BABIES HAVE TO GET TO THE ISLAND AFTER ALL, right guys? Right? Please just bring those babies so we can find out all about them. Please!

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