It's Here.

I remember my first encounter with Lost: I walked into a room where my mom was watching this new plane crash show, the one that made me repeatedly say "I'll just stick to Gilligan, thanks" whenever anyone mentioned it. It was a scene from the episode I now recognize as "Hearts & Minds" - the scene in which Boone and Shannon are running from the smoke monster big time. How could I have known six years ago that this show would be the center of most of my thoughts? How could I have guessed that I would've co-created a theme blog for it? How could I forget how hokey I thought Smokey was? Six years of hard work, I guess. Hard work watching the craziest show on tv.

Tonight Lost ends in a two and a half hour episode called "The End." Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer are left, plus Ben, Miles, and Smokey. I'm assuming Jacob's ashes will have blown out by 9pm tonight. There's a possibility Widmore isn't all the way dead. And don't forget about Desmond!

I have hopes for tonight, but if none of them are met, I think I'll still enjoy the evening. No matter what questions remain unanswered, this trip was better than Gilligan to me.

That said, my hopes include:
  • Eloise Hawking's designs and the source of her omniscience will come to light due to her actions tonight.
  • Widmore's secret to Smokey is revealed.
  • There's something special about Aaron.
  • Any mention of Walt, hopefully, but I know Walt's not really in this anymore.
  • Rose & Bernard save the day.
  • The Hansos are explained just a litttttttle bit more.
  • They go over the no-babies thing one more time.
  • Desmond does lots of cool stuff.
  • A whole new gang gets lost and it starts all over again!

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