Mathematical Errors Are Much Less Serious OFF The Island


If I may draw your attention to the comment section, you'd see that the Locke Down Plan actually should start on December 10th, not the 9th. After all, 51.5 - 31.5 = 20, not 21.

At any rate, did you like the poster? It was rescued from the depths of the internet by my very own brother! Much like how Jack is Claire's oh you know. Only if Jack ever found a poster on the internet, I'd have a stroke because let's face it, that guy doesn't have the joy in his heart for posters.

And that's nothing to hold against him, either. He has a lot of other stuff to worry about - alcohol, surgery, Carole Vesey. Plus Kate, even though he should really give that up already. Perhaps it would be a good time to ask everyone to think about Kate and her several love permutations, so that we can have a fully reasoned debate with the topic, "Resolved: Kate and Jack should have something to do with each other in the final season. Or not. Debatable!"

We can all choose sides now. I don't know if I want to be for or against the resolution, since I might want them to have to do with each other in a non-romantic arena. Like maybe they're actually the same person but in different life cycles or something. Sure, that has nothing to do with Lost, except Gray-Hair and Locke seem to have worked something out with body switching.

And just in case you forgot, Kate's mom is played by Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunt who WASN'T Caroline Rhea.


Deal With It

What is it, August? That gives us sep, oct, nov, dec FOUR MONTHS EVERYBODY! Yowza, that's more than an entire season's worth of months. Sheesh!

In the meantime, check out this totally romantic Kateyer video. The debate starts NOW!