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December 31 (New Year's Eve!) - Season 2, Episodes 19&20


I'll Get Some Ideas Down Right Here

Although the following isn't quite connected to today's corresponding episodes, I figured I'd get some LOST theories out there just to prime the old John Locke pump:

First off, I read transcripts of the ubiquitous island whispers the other day, and holy crap, what's going on. The whispers (which are played on three separate audio tracks simultaneously - the transcribers singled out the left channel, the right channel, and I guess some channel in between in order to hear more clearly) seem to be coming from dead people, and the woman's whisper voice always wants to reveal her party to whichever survivor happens to be listening. WHAT ON EARTH! This is not a theory so much as an invitation to read Lostpedia's Whisper Transcripts. then tell me a theory because I want one.

I read somewhere (most likely the Memphish blog) that the characters (survivors, others, everybody else) and their lives can be thought of as a huge Rube Goldberg device. I am assuming that the device is meant to serve "the island" or Jacob or whomever it is that makes these lists and seems to have a plan in mind. This leads me to a larger, more important issue: is a Rube Goldberg device supposed to have an end in mind, or is it specifically a senseless, unnecessarily complex machine designed to do basically nothing? What is the island/Jacob trying to achieve? That answer might get us somewhere.

IF Jacob's obsession with progress is meant to imply anything, I would guess that it means Jacob is manipulating these people in order to take the island to a place it has never been before (not necessarily location-wise; more humanity-wise). But what is this progress? Has Jacob experienced all of this before, or has he just experienced bringing people to the island before? In that case, are we going to find out about the previous groups of manipulated people Jacob has tried to use? Were these previous groups a success or a failure, and howso? How can Jacob be so sure where his manipulations will go unless he has done all of this before (the entire thing. I'm talking the ENTIRE THING.)? And how does he research everyone, particularly when it looks like before the Black Rock crew, it would have been realllllly hard to find out anything about anyone (no internet).

IF the most recent season tells us anything, it's that there once was an electromagnetic incident and it's possible that the island doesn't want it to have happened. OR it's possible that it wants it to happen even BIGGER. What is going on with this electromagnetic incident, and is it actually important, or is it just a MacGuffin? I personally don't see how it would change anything. I'm not a believer in the "once the bomb goes off, we'll be right where we should be, landing in LAX" theory. There's something called the Butterfly Effect, which supposes (I think) that even the smallest change in the past (say, if a butterfly flapped its wing differently) can have the greatest effects on the present (a tornado could eventually form from that original butterfly flap). So if the survivors actually did effect change on the island with the bomb, it's not like they'd automatically be hanging out in the plane together again. Perhaps Widmore's plans would have changed, and he would have had a reason to raise Penny in Jakarta or something, where Desmond never would have met her, and then where would we be? At the very least, Desmond's role would be changed or even erased. Let's face it: the bomb didn't put anything back where it belonged.

So IF, theoretically, Jacob is looking for progress, THEN he won't find it just by having His Chosen Survivors come together to set off a bomb. Or at least, the progress he wants would be something else - like maybe Jacob wants the whole thing to just die (see: Bill Murray's repeated suicide attempts in Groundhog Day). What does Jacob want? What have these people been chosen to do? If we can answer that, we can look at the whole thing with a much sharper perspective, and I'm pretty sure my love for Lost will grow exponentially once I get that answer. JACOB, WHAT ARE YOU AIMING AT?

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Dec 30 - Season 2, Episodes 17&18


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Dec 29 - Season 2, Episodes 15&16


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Dec 28 - Season 2, Episodes 13&14


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Dec 27 - Season 2, Episodes 11&12


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Dec 26 - Season 2, Episodes 9&10


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Dec 25 (Christmas) - Season 2, Episodes 7&8


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Dec 24 - Season 2, Episodes 5&6


Please Check Out The New "What To Watch & When To Watch It"

I've included episode names to entice you further. I also have set up the rest of season 2's daily reminder posts. Sometimes it feels like John Locke and I are the same...don't tell us what a blog can't do.

PS Seriously, it would make my life worthwhile to know that anyone is looking at this blog. And I'll know you're looking at it by the way you post on it. So post on it, please!

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Dec 23 - season 2, episodes 3&4

Yes! You May!



May I Please Encourage More People To Post On This Thing?

In the meantime, I have two issues:

1) How did the Black Rock get out to the middle of the island?

2) Are the numbers actually cursed? Are some things in this series going to be explained with simple "some number sequences are cursed and some people just have visions" reasoning? I guess I'm okay with that, but we'll see.


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December 21 - Season 1, Episodes 23 & 24


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December 20th - Season 1, Episodes 21 & 22


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December 19 - Season 1, Episodes 19 & 20


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December 18th - Season 1, Episodes 17 & 18


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December 17th - Season 1, Episodes 15 & 16


Wasn't Walt Cool?

I remembered that bird crashing into Walt's window as much more morbid than it actually was. I wish Walt were still a thing. Now he just lives in New York with his grandma, right? Maybe he lives with Aaron. In New York with his grandma. SINCE I GUESS THEY WEREN'T ANYTHING ANYWAY.

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December 16th - Season 1, Episodes 13 & 14


watch this today!

Tuesday, December 15th - please watch Season 1, Episodes 11 & 12.


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Monday, December 14th - please watch Season 1, Episodes 9 & 10!


I admit it.

We were on track for day one, then we missed day two completely. To make up for it, the Model Home watched six episodes of Lost yesterday. Looks like we just gave ourselves a little wiggle room!

Also this morning the apartment was listening to Alanis together in the living room (no problem) and we realized that Kate would probably be a big Alanis Morrisette fan. If she likes music, that is.

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Sunday, December 13th! Please to watch Season 1, Episodes 7 &8!


You Can't Do That.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do count:

episode 4 - 4. The last one was technically "Don't tell me what I can't..." but I'm counting it as a whole one.

previous episodes - none yet.

No Meat Kate

Episode 4 - Kate says that, despite going on the boar hunt, she's a vegetarian. She's also a liar, but I'll take this one as a character trait. Kate does't eat meat.

To Watch

To watch on Saturday, Dec 12:

Season 1, Episodes 5 & 6


To Watch - December 11

Happy Birthday Josh!

Please watch Season 1 Episodes 3&4 today. Links can be found on the right! And I forgot to mention, Netflix watch instantly has all of the seasons.

And another thing!

Right after the first time the survivors hear the monster in the forest next to the beach, Rose remarks that it sounded really familiar. Some lady asks her where she's from, and Rose says "The Bronx." GIRLFRIEND THEY KNEW IT RIGHT THERE.

off to a good (versus evil) start

Congrats to everyone like myself who, after one day, is on track!

...I give myself one week. I intend to DO THIS THING, but it just wouldn't be in my nature to stick to a consistent 2-a-day pace. Anyone who ever made a paper countdown chain for Christmas knows that the best days are the ones where you forgot to do it for a bit, so you get to go CRAZY and rip off a whole bunch of ringlets. Plus there's a BONUS: real fast, YOU'RE THAT MUCH CLOSER TO CHRISTMAS.

Yesterday at the Model Home we screened/Hulu'd the two-part pilot episode, aired back in 2004 when I thought LOST looked like a terrible, hyper-serious ABC melodrama-thriller. Oh, what bullshit my expectations turn out to be.

In that same vein, here's a little bit of Pilot Trivia from Lostpedia:
In the making of the pilot episode, it is revealed that the pilot character was added late in production, as Jack had originally been planned to be killed off in "Pilot." The pilot's body that was found hanging in the tree was also originally intended to be Jack's.

I love that Jack was supposed to die. Most things about this show throw me into a frenzy of theorizing "what it's all about," but Jack's last minute salvation as a CHARACTER makes me certain of one thing:

Cuse and Lindelof had NO IDEA what was going to happen with this show when they started. Nothing was certain. It's a giant experiment in storytelling. They started with a few decided upon circumstances (characters, settings, number of pieces the plane was in) and let the thing take on an organic life of its own.

So when they were like "OH DUDE, JACK COULD DIE. IT WOULD BE LIKE IN PSYCHO. NO ONE WOULD SEE IT COMING!" The show was like, "Naw. Chill out, guys. He lives. Stop forcing ideas. Lemme do this." Then they were like "OH MAN, WE'RE GONNA ADD THESE CHARACTERS AND THEY'RE GONNA BE SO CORRUPT AND INTERESTING AND OUT OF NOWHERE. CURVEBALL!" And the show was all, "Meh. I'm gonna bury them alive they're so bad. Let's forget they happened."

And that's the story of how LOST (portrayed above by the smoke monster) challenged the expectations of its own creators.


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Kindly watch episodes 1&2 of season 1 (links to the right), UNLESS OF COURSE you will be attending the Locke-Down Party Down this evening!



Tomorrow night (Thurs 12/10) we celebrate. Lost will not leave our lives until it's ALL OVER. That's enough to make a baby scream with delight! Although if that baby is Ethan Rom, we can't really be sure what he's delighted about.

Come to the
after work (6ish, 7ish) TOMORROW!

I will make treats for us. The treats will utilize aspects of both Lost and Christmastime.



Holy Sayid! Look How Close We're Getting!