(Benjamin) Linus & Lucy

Does anyone have any thoughts on the schedule? I'd love to open up this comment section to a deep, intellectual discussion on the merits of starting the Locke-Down earlier, later, or RIGHT NOW EVEN!

ALSO I forgot to mention that this blog is a great place to record any and every question you have, just to see if it ever gets answered. Apparently not everything's getting answered...BY UNCLE JJ. I think a different Abrams & co might be able to solve the mysteries left behind.

As long as we can get Bryan Burk.


a touch of handiwork


season one: 25 episodes (12.5 days)
season two: 24 episodes (12 days)
season three: 23 episodes (11.5 days)
season four: 14 episodes (7 days)
season five: 17 episodes (8.5 days)
season six: there will be 18 episodes but they do not factor into this part of the plan.

IF we agree to watch two episodes a day, then seasons one through five will take 51.5 days.

According to several Lost Rewatch blogs, season six will begin in February of 2010. They have us starting already at a mere four-episodes-a-week pace. So sorry, Lost Rewatch blogs, but we live life a little faster than that.

CONSIDERING that we have 31 days in January, our Locke-Down should begin 21.5 days before the new year, which seems to be December 9th (in the middle of the day).

I propose a rudimentary schedule for december (you have to manually go to december) to start. We'll see how we feel about it later.

I can even make a new poll about it!!


Welcome to THE ISLAND...jk!

Actually, welcome to your personal Lost episode planner! We've all had the thought, "wouldn't it be nice if I could watch every episode of abc's Lost and have it work out perfectly so that the last episode of season five is one day before season six starts?" Luckily, you've had the good sense to come here, where your prayers will be answered. Let the [John] Locke-Down Plan begin!