Finale News - No Spoilers Within

I was booking my flight home for May, and guess what I found out - the LOST finale will be airing on May 23rd, a SUNDAY, in order to steer clear of American Idol's finale. Is my memory faulty, or did the President of the United States of America change his tv appearance for LOST? Is this really how the deck is stacked? Obama third, LOST second, American Idol first? I'm still going to be at home during the finale! If it were on Tuesday like I thought, I'd be view-partying with all my friends! Now I'm going to have to orchestrate a Mom-n-Becky LOST party, which is going to be very confusing for her no matter how efficiently I explain things. I'll be lucky if she even wants to watch it with me.

If anyone wants to set up a quiet tv-watching video chat with me, I'd be very happy to take you up on it. However, I don't have dvr at home, so it'll be a commercial-riddled experience with no opportunities for rewind. THANKS, RYAN SEACREST! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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