Click here for an insanely early prediction of the whispers being dead people, brought to you by none other than Becky. Since last night's episode was SO major, and since SO many things are apparently just going to spill out in the form of Hurley being like "So that's what that is? This simple thing?," I am going to go ahead and get out the rest of my theories right here, so you can see them.

1. The whispers are dead people voices. KNEW IT.

2. Libby was in the mental institution, sure, but she was also working for Widmore just like Abaddon or perhaps for Mittelos (I'm talking about the original timeline). Her dead husband (the one whose boat went to Desmond - Libby gave the boat to Desmond, that's my main point that she's working for someone who wants Desmond to get to the Island) is none other than DAVE, who appears to Hurley, who SEES DEAD PEOPLE. Think about it - every other person Hurley has seen is (from what they've told us) DEAD. Does he really only see ONE made up person? I think Dave is a dead guy. And I think he's working for Widmore or Mittelos from beyond the grave.

However, it doesn't make sense that he would've been able to appear to Hurley on the Island, since his body isn't there. But perhaps his soul is just connected to the Island, or something?

3. All the Smokey stuff from this post. Look, that smoke seems like ash to me, and all I'm saying is that Smokey follows laws pertaining to Jacob's ash circles. Could it be that Jacob was once an explorer or visitor or otherwise curious person, and he drilled into the ground at the areas where "the compass needles spin around" (as Smokey told Desmond last night), and he accidentally released Smokey and then found a way to make himself immortal in order to keep Smokey from ever leaving the Island? Like, maybe Jacob is Pandora, but he was able to slam the box shut right before Smokey got out, and it's his job (based on guilt) to keep that box shut. Or more like he opened the box but shut the door to the room really fast.

However, does that mean Smokey's a demon that Jacob literally released from hell? Does that take away from the Man in Black's individuality, pre-smokey? Where did Jacob come from? Who came before him?

4. That kid from last night!!!!! I (and many other apartmentmates and co-writers of the LockeDown Plan) think that the brown-haired kid we saw had the same beautiful Claire-eyes as the first blonde kid we saw, so it stands to reason that this kid from last night was the same kid, only a few years older. Who is he, though?

Maybe Aaron's importance to the Island is that he time jumps at some point back to the very beginnings of things, and he knows all the "rules" or whatever for the Island, and he's able to jump around and remind Smokey and Jacob of said "rules." Like he's the ref for the Island or something, and just because he's apparently been around before, and just because he looks like a preteen, doesn't mean that he can't be Aaron, time-jumped. And thus it's still important as ever for him to be raised the right way because his childhood was always now, and it can still get affected and thus affect the past...? Oy.

5. You heard it here first, folks: Adam & Eve from the caves are going to be Sun & Jin, reunited at near-death or death or whatever during a time jump. So their ending is, as the producers revealed, "bittersweet." They're together forever, but together dead. Like Suneo and Jinliet.

6. Ji-Yeon, what are you? I still have absolutely no theories on that, other than that she's the "Kwon" candidate. Probably my lack of info has to do with the fact that THE BABIES STILL AREN'T ON THE ISLAND WHEN THEY SO CLEARLY NEED TO BE. Get those babies to the Island! Sheesh!

7. The people from Diagonal Timeline who are getting memories of the Original Timeline are simply becoming unstuck in present-time. I think (and again, the apartment + some thinks) that each person is two different people, both from his own timeline, but with the memories of both timelines. Maybe??

8. And another thing, and this isn't a theory - I never bought the whole Daniel/Charlotte thing because look, Daniel may have some big crush on her or whatever, but she never gave him a second look either way. Maybe she likes him, maybe she doesn't. But they don't have an actual relationship - not the way that like, Sawyer and Juliet did. Not even the way that Jack and Kate did! and that was ALWAYS a one-way street! But I'm on gchat with my brother right now, and he thinks that it was at least enough to trigger Daniel's memory in Diagonal Reality, so maybe that's enough. Fine, ok, I'll give him that.

That's most of my theory bank for right now. I want to remind everyone that these are just personal thoughts, not spoilers at all, since I have no advance knowledge of the show (although I am eerily good at predicting these types of mystery things, probably due to my apparent spiritual connection to whatever is going on over there... on a tv show island).


  1. Yeah also can I just pipe in here to say that I had been clamoring for a sequel to that awesome 'Dave' episode forever, and apparently your haters lose and me and Hugo win.

  2. You are a total sleuth. A Lost Detective. I personally see myself as more of a Lost Spiritual Adviser-- I'm not the best at predicting where Lost is going, but I'm pretty good at explaining why what's already happened is meaningful. My prediction bank is pretty lame and wrong (ex: "Maybe the kid is a younger version of whoever Flocke is with when he sees them?")

    And-- BABIES. YES. That's been bugging the hell out of me. The kids gotta be important or else I'm just seeing a bunch of logistical casting problems pan out instead of THE BEST STORY OF ALL TIME. (Which, let's face it, is what Lost is trying to be.)